What you need to do after your big day!

Given the current circumstances, there is a lot of focus on the big day at the moment and rightly so! But what happens after the day when you are officially a married couple? We teamed up with Dean Scott of Mendip Wealth Management to find out your next steps as a married couple from aContinue reading “What you need to do after your big day!”

Reacting to COVID 19

Given the current situation thanks to COVID 19, the wedding industry has been turned upside down this year and a huge number of weddings have been cancelled and postponed. As we move later into the year, weddings are now allowed again but under very strict restrictions. When planning a wedding, these guidelines were not whatContinue reading “Reacting to COVID 19”

Why use Personal Proposals?

Why use Personal Proposals? Personal Proposals has been created to help all couples create their dream wedding day. Having planned my own wedding twice due to COVID 19, I understand how stressful the whole planning process can be. Our services allow couples to maintain control of their big day but have professional, experienced guidance alongContinue reading “Why use Personal Proposals?”

Finding Your Venue

Finding Your Venue One of the most exciting things about planning a wedding is finding your venue – the destination for you to marry the love of your life. Sounds cheesy, but aside from the dress, the setting for your big day is arguably the most important thing about the celebration. It’s in the photos,Continue reading “Finding Your Venue”

Finding Your Wedding Outfit

Finding Your Wedding Outfit Searching for your wedding day outfit is going to be one of the most exciting tasks you will have during your wedding planning experience. It’s something we have all dreamed about while growing up, and the day is finally here! Your Pinterest boards and magazine cut outs are finally about toContinue reading “Finding Your Wedding Outfit”