2021 Wedding Predictions!

Happy New Year! We are finally in 2021 and 2020 is now firmly behind us. As we look to many couple’s second, third or even fourth dates we thought it would be interesting to predict some of the 2021 wedding trends!

Given how difficult 2020 has been and the number of postponed weddings, I think it’s fair to assume couples will be extremely grateful when their big day arrives. This could influence their styling and decor, the favours and even the evening reception parties. We hope the restrictions will ease throughout the year and by the end of the year at the very least, there will be no more restrictions and weddings will be back to how we remember them!

The signs stating ‘we’ve waited long enough, party accordingly’ and ‘At Last’ are going to become increasing popular along with any other messages with a similar meaning. Big reception parties and longer guest lists are likely to be more common as couples try to catch up with more family members. We predict neon signs along with home made wooden and painted signs to become more popular. During 2020 couples have had the chance to get on pinterest and get creative. Other signs such as the light up with interchangeable letters became popular in 2019 and early 2020 and as they could provide a more budget friendly alternative, you may see a few of these about.

There will be a select few couples who keep with the small intimate weddings that became the norm for 2020 but as this was through COVID restrictions rather than choice, I predict weddings will revert back to the larger parties we all know. While intimate weddings were beautiful and I had one of these myself, for most couples, these aren’t the type of weddings you dream of when your a child. An alternative may be to take your intimate wedding abroad. Due to the travel restrictions as well as wedding restrictions during 2020, some couples may decide to go all out and take their closest family and friends abroad to celebrate their wedding. Popular destinations may include Italy, Vegas or even New York.

Along with the larger guest lists and bigger parties, there may be the sense of going even bigger. Some couples may have had the opportunity to save during the pandemic which has allowed their wedding budget to increase. This could result in more flowers, bigger food choices, more extreme evening entertainment. Performers such as Magicians, Circus Acts and Caricaturists could become more popular similar to the already popular Photo Booths and DJs.

Not only have may couples had the opportunity to save during 2020, everyone has had more time to research ideas and get crafty so we can expect more DIY decorations at 2021 weddings. From personalise table plans, flower arrangements and cute favour packages. Pinterest is a useful source when looking for inspiration and motivation for your wedding. Other brides post their successes and how you can create it yourself allowing other couples to recreate and style in their own way. Favours such as hangover kits, customised children’s colour and activity packs may be put together by the couple rather than purchasing pre made packs.

Following the postponements and cancellations from 2020, we will see more weekday weddings as couples urge to get married sooner rather than later. You can expect multiple wedding invitations for 2021 as well as 2022 as engaged couples keep planning on top of all those impacted by 2020. This could cause a few overlaps and double dates so get your diaries ready and if you have any special family dates or plans, get them down quick! We all also know how expensive it can be to attend a wedding especially if you’re invited to be a key part in the couples day. Perhaps bare this in mind if you do know any engaged couples or couples who could get in engaged soon as wedding season is about to blow up!

If you’re recently engaged (congratulations!), I would first decide together what your timeline looks like. Do you want to get married soon or are you happy to wait for COVID to be a distant memory. It is likely we are still talking about COVID and dealing with the consequences within the wedding industry in 2022 potentially even 2023. Weddings may be back to normal by this point but couples will still have their second or third dates booked for these years and wedding businesses will still be trying to recover which may potentially affect prices and availability.

Should you want to get married sooner rather than later I would get some venue visits booked in where you can. Of course this depends on the current restrictions in your area but if you can’t get out to the venue, request the brochure and have a chat on the phone to find out the venues situation and availability. If you struggle with finding available venues please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. Our Venue Sourcing service is fantastic for couples wanting a shortlist of brilliant venues available on their dream date and within their budget. Click here for more information.

Alongside your venue search, bare in mind your wedding suppliers. Particularly caterers and musicians/ DJs. It may be worth finding some suppliers who would work with your date and venue before confirming any bookings to avoid any frustration down the line. Our Supplier Sourcing service is also available to assist couples with this and make their wedding planning experience effortless and exciting.

We can’t wait to see the photos from 2021 weddings and I hope these predictions and advice was interesting! If you have predictions for 2021 trends let us know. I would love to hear what you think may become popular in the next 12 months.

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