Reacting to COVID 19

Given the current situation thanks to COVID 19, the wedding industry has been turned upside down this year and a huge number of weddings have been cancelled and postponed. As we move later into the year, weddings are now allowed again but under very strict restrictions.

When planning a wedding, these guidelines were not what you could of imagined and as a COVID bride myself, I understand the stress and frustration all too well. There have been different solutions to this situation and we will explore these to hopefully inspire anyone going through this and wondering what option would be best for them.

Just Go For It

Now weddings are able to go ahead, some couples are opting to get their date scheduled ASAP and get married within the current restrictions. At the moment for the majority of venues, this is 28 guests plus the bride and groom. Couples are only allowed the ceremony in July and everyone must depart the venue after the ceremony. These restrictions are very tight and 100% not what you would imagine when planning your big day.

However, depending on your circumstances and when you were originally due to get married, this may be the perfect option if your main goal and desire is simply to get married. Of course the whole point of the wedding is to marry the love of your life but it is also a huge day that many people dream about from a young age so going ahead without all your friends and family and not having traditions such as your first dance may not be suitable for some couples.

Married Now, Party Later

Our new wedding day is now in October and while we want to remain positive the current guidelines will improve, it is likely in my opinion, music and evening receptions as we know them won’t be permitted this year. To resolve this and ensure couples still get the full wedding experience, a popular solution is to split the day in 2 and have half this year and half next year.

Under the current guidelines couples are able to have 28 guests for the ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast from the 1st of August. To celebrate with the rest of the family and friends, couples can organise a second party for their first anniversary which gives enough time for the current restrictions to be lifted (hopefully). This is the option which has most suited us and the thought of putting my wedding dress back on and planning another wedding reception is actually really exciting! One concern I had was securing a date with so many other weddings being postponed to next year so if this is the option you wish to choose, I recommend looking for venues as soon as you can to make sure you get the date you want next year.

12 month Postponement

The idea of not having the full day as originally planned is heartbreaking for some couples and I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to give up all those plans and dreams. The option to postpone for a full 12 months and go back to the excitement of the countdown later is definitely a reasonable option in this situation. This removes all the stress of wondering when the restrictions may be lifted and couples have more time to plan, save and add to their big day! This option also allows you to eventually have your day as you had always hoped and dreamed even if you do have to wait just that little bit longer.

Full Cancellation

Planning your wedding is such a special experience and it should be exciting throughout. No one expected the government to put restrictions in place to dictate how your wedding day must be and for some couples, just cancelling and starting fresh is the best way forward. The current situation makes the countdown to the big day very nerve-wracking and stressful. This option works really well if you have wedding insurance or your suppliers are happy to provide full refunds as this is usually the reason why couples choose to postpone rather than cancel.

When it comes to organising your wedding, Personal Proposals is here to make your experience as stress free as possible. Our Venue and Supplier sourcing services are great in this current climate as it removes all the stress and disappointment when trying to postpone your wedding. We will only recommend venues we know are available for your wedding date and suit your perfect day so get in touch to find out more!

This is such a tough time for all couples dealing with this situation and we would just like to say, it will be okay! You will be married and your day will be incredible no matter how you deal with this. The main thing is you are both happy with the decision you make and you made it together. If any of our couples are feel down and want to talk through the available options we would love to hear from you and talk it through. Feel free to send an email to or drop us a message on instagram or Facebook.

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