Finding Your Wedding Outfit

Finding Your Wedding Outfit

Searching for your wedding day outfit is going to be one of the most exciting tasks you will have during your wedding planning experience. It’s something we have all dreamed about while growing up, and the day is finally here! Your Pinterest boards and magazine cut outs are finally about to come in handy. There are so many incredible options and with the trends often changing, there are new designs and ideas being created all the time. It’s so easy to find this part of the wedding planning process overwhelming with no clue on where to start.

This blog is going to take you through our top tips for how to pick your wedding outfit, to help make the process as exciting as you’ve imagined it being!

What are my options?

Depending on your personal style, you may opt to go for something different to the traditional white dress. This may mean you wear a different colour or you choose to go for a different style such as a jumpsuit or a two-piece. Other choices include having a shorter gown, wearing trousers or buying a second outfit for the evening of your wedding!

While your ceremony outfit is likely to be the one everyone remembers and the outfit in your wedding photos, depending on the style, it can be restrictive or heavy. You don’t want this when the party starts! Because of this, you may be tempted to choose a lighter option, or to change into something different later in the day so you can relax when you dance the night away.

We predict an upcoming trend will be wedding jumpsuits for the evening party. There are some beautiful white flowing styles for jumpsuits on the market now and they make fantastic comfortable choices when selecting your party outfit.

The search

When it comes to selecting your outfit, we recommend trying on all different styles and celebrating the moment with friends and family.

Often, couples with a smaller budget head straight to the lower price range shops or use services online to order outfits to their home and send back unsuccessful options. While keeping an eye on budget is important when planning a wedding, we still highly recommend you get the bridal boutique experience. Have an advisor take you round the shop, pick out different styles, try them on and get feedback from your friends and family. Usually bridal boutiques or specialist wedding shops will offer guests a drink and create the full wedding shopping experience. This experience will give you the opportunity to try new outfits on with the accessories and other extras you may not have already thought of. You can then really get a feel for what you like and apply this information with the budget in mind.

Making the decision

Once you have visited a bridal boutique and figured out what style you want to go with, there are suppliers available who offer a lower price range of outfits. My favourite is Wed2Be which usually provides last season’s outfits. When you visit the shop, you can only select a set amount of outfits to try on yourself in the changing room. The whole experience is completely different but if you are looking to keep to a tight budget, this option can be a brilliant solution. While the full bridal experience is something you will never forget, the moment you find your dress will be incredible no matter where you are. You are able to say yes to the dress in a full bridal boutique, Wed2Be or just in your living room. No matter what you choose, your dress will be perfect for you.

Supplier Spotlight

When searching for my wedding dress I visited Ava Rose Hamilton Bridal Boutique. This is a Yorkshire based boutique and has featured on Lancashire’s ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. The service provided was incredible and with it being a family owned business, the personalised service for each individual bride is amazing. One of the main reasons I loved this boutique was the personalised service, from start to finish. Every time I visited the store in the past two years for fittings, accessories and just to see the dress, I have had the same advisor which was really important to me. Choosing your wedding outfit is a close and personal process. The advisor helps you get in and out of those outfits, and if you are a bit body conscious, having the same person help you get dressed is a bonus!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and ideas when starting the process to choose your wedding outfit! Check out our other blogs here or sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date to when we upload a new blog!

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