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Planning Programme

Personal Proposals provide a 12 part planning programme to guide couples through the steps of wedding planning and make your experience fun and exciting from start to finish! Our topics range from your wedding budget to choosing your colour themes and we provide resources to make the programme personalised for your big day! Click the image below to find out more and claim your first free part!

What Our Customers say!

I love the weekly updates that are packed full of all the information that you need for planning a wedding! Including things I had never even thought about!

They helped to keep everything positive while trying to plan a wedding during Covid! Mary and Ryan are really friendly and easy to talk to! Any questions you have (even if you think they are silly) are answered quickly and professionally.

Personal Proposals goes above and beyond any other wedding planner that I looked at, from stag and hens to honeymoons and everything in between!

Would highly recommend to anyone that is planning a wedding!

Who Created Personal Proposals?

Personal Proposals was created to make wedding planning effortless for all couples while letting the couple maintain control of their big day. My name is Mary Jones, soon to be Mary Smith and I’m the creator of Personal Proposals.

After planning my own wedding twice due to COVID 19, I could see where some extra help and guidance would have been appreciated! I hope the services Personal Proposals provide give guidance and knowledge to our couples during their wedding planning experience. Visit our About Us page, to find out more!

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